Let’s go for it, Welland!

(An editorial calling for Welland to ask Canada Post to issue a stamp honoring the City of Welland rose)


CAPTION: The City of Welland rose. Why not a City of Welland-rose stamp one day issued by Canada Post? (File photo by Joe Barkovich)

It would be foolish for the City of Welland and community-partner groups not to pursue a floral stamp that would honor the City of Welland rose.

Such a stamp, issued by Canada Post, would shine a national and international spotlight on both Welland’s official flower, the City of Welland rose and Welland itself – Canada’s Rose City.

It’s positive publicity Welland could use.

It’s a project worth taking on – one perhaps spearheaded by the city with involvement of local groups, or by one or more of the latter working with the city’s blessing. Some that come to mind: Welland Pelham Chamber of Commerce, Welland Horticultural Society, Heritage Welland, Welland Rose Festival.

Canada Post on Wednesday issued two new rose stamps: one honoring the velvety red hybrid tea, Konrad Henkel; the other honoring a “creamy white hybrid tea with warm gold undertones”, Maid Of Honour.

A news release about this week’s issue says in part: “After one of the coldest, longest winters in recent memory, Canada Post celebrates the warmer weather and the symbolic rose with the annual issue of the floral stamp series. One of Canada Post’s most popular series, these springtime stamp issues are prized by brides-to-be and gardening enthusiasts.”

So, one day, why not a floral stamp honoring the City of Welland rose?

Info on the website says: “Canada Post welcomes all Canadians to participate in proposing stamp subjects. Canadians may submit suggestions for subjects to be used on stamps. Each year, Canada Post’s stamp program consists of about 20 broad subjects or themes covering some 40 to 50 individual stamps.”


CAPTION: The Montreal Rose was featured on this stamp, issued by Canada Post in 1981. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)

When suggestions are made, a national Stamp Advisory Committee “evaluates all suggestions received based on their contributions to celebrating and promoting Canada—our heroes, our leading personalities, our heritage, our traditions and our achievements, as well as their potential to appeal to Canadians.”

A City of Welland-rose stamp could be timed to co-incide with the 100th anniversary of the Welland Horticultural Society in 2018 or the 100th anniversary of Welland being named Canada’s Rose City, to be observed in 2021. (Oct. 18, 1921 was the date).

Such special stamps are sought after by collectors around the world and of course by consumers. A City of Welland Rose stamp would travel the world in one way or another, drawing attention to our beautiful hybrid tea rose and of course, the city itself.

Canada Post makes it easy: what to do, how to do it and when to do it are explained on the website.

It’s impossible to estimate how much this stamp would be worth to the city in terms of publicity generated and recognition received. But as the old saying goes: “You couldn’t buy it for a million bucks.”

It’s certainly worth the try.

Heck, the price is right: a stamp or two to mail the submission to Canada Post.

So come on Welland, let’s go for it! We’ve nothing to lose – and a “stamp” of approval to gain.

(A former reporter and editor, Joe Barkovich lives in Welland, Ontario, Canada’s Rose City.)

2 thoughts on “Let’s go for it, Welland!


    Joe: Great idea!!! any way a profile of our bridge (Main Street, not Division) in the background might be included? A double whammy! Love to read your stories! Robert Parent


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