Street Sense: Where Was Sauber Avenue?

Well-known street off Niagara Street was named after the subdivision. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)

Well-known street off Niagara Street was named after the subdivision. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

Welcome back to Street Sense, where street names – well, some anyway, get the explanation they deserve.

Last week we were on the city’s east side, in Beaver Park Subdivision, a “war time” development. Today we visit the west side.

Here we are in Parkway Heights Subdivision. You know where that is, the photo of the street off Niagara gives it away.DSC_1627 (3)

My source book, What’s In A Name, has some interesting info on this development. It says this area, Plan 598, was originally owned by Harmon Price, a magistrate in yesteryear Welland. Price sold the property to Laughlin Realty.

“Parkway Heights was an ‘elite’ development, with a boulevard down the centre of Parkway Drive and brick arches (since renovated) over the sidewalk at Niagara Street. This is where many of Welland’s prominent industrialists, business people and merchants lived,” according to Welland Historical Society’s fine reference book, published in 2005. It describes Parkway Drive as the “showplace” of the day.

There are several well-known streets here. From my perspective, one street name and one local resident are especially noteworthy here in Street Sense.

First, the street name.

Sauber Avenue.


Don’t feel embarrassed if you hadn’t heard of it.

The street name no longer exits. Here’s the explanation:

“Re-named to Glen View Avenue. It seems that some of the residents petitioned for the name change since they were concerned that the original might be referred to as ‘Slobber’ Avenue.”

Makes street sense to me. But I wish explanation had been provided about Sauber Avenue – where did that name come from?

Now, the man whose name survives in two street names.

Edgar W. Price was a son of magistrate and landowner Harmon Price.

He “had the distinction” of having two streets named in his honor: Edgar Street and Price Avenue, according to What’s In A Name.

Here are three other street names and the explanations behind them:

Lillias Street: “Lillias A. Price was the sister of Edgar W. Price.” It is thought the street was named after her;

Weller Avenue: “Named for a Doctor Weller, who practiced in Welland.” A downtown building, the Weller Block, 28 King Street, also bears the name;

Laughlin Avenue: “Named after the Laughlin people. The property was owned by C. E. Laughlin, C. J. Laughlin and Laughlin Realty.”

What’s In A Name, at under a hundred pages, is an interesting read about streets and names well known, and not so well known, in Welland.

(A former reporter and city editor, Joe Barkovich lives in his hometown of Welland, Ontario, Canada’s Rose City. Street Sense appears as a recurring feature.)



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