Get Involved In SPARC

FROM THE CITY OF WELLAND WEBSITE – The City of Welland in partnership with the Region of Niagara invites local artists and collaborative art groups to apply to participate in SPARC: Sustainable Public Art Revitalizing Community. This mural project will engage both elementary and high school students as well as at-risk youths as they are paired with an artist to create a public art mural piece for their school/youth home. These new murals will be on display in conjunction to an event celebrating Welland’s Public Art.

To celebrate Welland’s past murals, an interactive exhibit will be created showcasing the creation and inspiration of previous murals, workshops with the original artists of Welland’s murals as well as other successful mural artists will be held, as well as display of several artifacts originating from the creation of Welland’s first murals.

Opportunities for sponsorship from local businesses, banks, corporations and individual community members will also be included as part of the project.

This project is made possible through the Niagara Investment in Culture and the City of Welland.


The goals of the project are to engage youth and residents of Welland in the creation of new temporary murals with the intent of igniting community unity around Welland’s murals; sending a statement about how art can transform public spaces, celebrate Welland’s heritage, and ultimately to continue to develop Welland’s artistic identity.


Participation is open to all artists, 18 years and older, who reside in the Niagara Region. Applicants may be subject to a Police Check if partnered with youths under the age of 18. Funding Artists are asked to submit a detailed budget as part of the proposal. The proposed budget should cover all related costs including artist fees, materials, copyright and miscellaneous expenses. A payment schedule will be produced in consultation with the selected artist. Copyright The artist may retain the right to be identified as the creator of the artwork. The art owner shall have the right to exhibit the artwork in perpetuity or as long as it so chooses. The City shall have the right to reproduce an image or images of the artwork for non-profit use, public relations and documentation purposes. Selection Criteria All artistic styles are encouraged. All completed proposals will be reviewed by the Arts & Culture Coordinator using the following criteria: past work must demonstrate skill, imagination and creativity; design/idea be creative and youthful ; experience working with children/youth an asset The artist or team will provide: a creative, fun experience for those involved, evidence that s/he can successfully execute the project within the existing budget and timeframe Submissions that include inappropriate elements (text and/or images) will not be considered. Any design that could be construed as advertising or political or religious doctrine will not be considered.

Artist’s Agreement and Requirements If successful, the artist will agree to: sign a Letter of Agreement (contract) with the City of Welland and participating schools/youth groups; complete the mural in compliance with this call’s specifications; obtain all required materials (City staff will assist in sourcing)

For more information, please contact: Cassandra Magazzeni Arts & Culture Coordinator 905-735-1700 ext. 4032 

Applications can be found at the Welland Community Wellness Complex, City Hall, Welland Public Library and Welland Museum. Applications are also available online at:

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