Media Release on the City of Welland website:

WELLAND – The City of Welland has received calls and complaints about a person, or persons, going door-todoor in various areas of Welland, insisting that a new water filter system be purchased and installed. The person(s) suggesting having the water system installed identify the company they work for as “Green Water” and may imply that they represent the City – they are not with the City of Welland.
The person(s) purporting to be from “Green Water” is informing residents the water filter system is a new requirement with the municipality of the City of Welland. There is no such requirement or program associated with the City of Welland.
The City of Welland does not require residents to install a filter in their home as water samples are continuously collected by City staff throughout the City’s distribution system and has those samples tested in accordance with Provincial Regulations. The City’s drinking water meets and exceeds Provincial Standards and annual water quality reports outlining testing results are available on the City’s website.
Should a City staff member come to your home, he/she will always clearly identify him/herself and show residents proper identification.  If proper identification is not shown do NOT let an individual into your home, for any reason.
Please be aware that you are under no obligation to allow a person access to your home or to provide them with any information if you are uncomfortable doing so.
Should you have an individual appear at your door wanting to gain access to your home, for any reason, and the individual does not clearly identify themselves or the purpose of their visit, please call Niagara Regional Police – Welland Detachment – immediately at 905-735-7811.  If you wish to contact the City of Welland Public Works Division to clarify whether an individual at your home is from the City of Welland, or for further information about water quality testing, please call 905-735-1500 ext. 3000.


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