CHAMBERS’ CORNER: First Assignment

The Welland-Crowland War Memorial as photographed in 1957, 18 years after its official unveiling. (Photo by Tribune photographer Bob Chambers)

The Welland-Crowland War Memorial as photographed in 1957, 18 years after its official unveiling. (Photo by Evening Tribune photographer Bob Chambers)

By Bob Chambers

This is Chambers’ Corner ….. the occasional occupant of a corner of this blog, where Bob Chambers, an Evening Tribune photographer from 1957 to 1970, will present some of his photographs from that era …… Readers are asked to please comment!

Here’s my print from June 1957. A picture of the memorial was the first picture that I took for The Tribune after I arrived in the big city of Welland, from the hamlet of Sherkston, a few days before my 18th birthday in 1957.

Why the paper wanted a picture of it in the middle of June is now lost to me, but its majesty, impressed me then ….. and still does. And obviously means something special to the blogger of 2015. But, I do remember that Cec Mitchell, the paper’s chief photographer, showed me how to make a great print from the quite ordinary negative I had shot. The important thing that Cec contributed to this picture was darkening the top corners, which added a lot of drama to the otherwise blank white sky of a hazy day. The photographers of the day used the technique often, calling it burning-in or flashing.

I had forgotten that this memorial to the Great War of 1914-1918 was dedicated just one day after what would become an even more horrific conflict, began. It is, still today, a truly wonderful piece of art.

Bob Chambers, Tribune photographer 1957-1970

Your comments are invited and appreciated by the photographer/author.

(Chambers’ Corner is a recurring feature on the blog.)


4 thoughts on “CHAMBERS’ CORNER: First Assignment

  1. cbosse

    This photo certainly drew my attention to the artistic beauty of this monument in a way that I have not realized before. I intend to stop by Chippawa Park today to reflect further upon it in anticipation of Remembrance Day tomorrow.

    Curious what Bob has to say about the accessibility of photo filters today – particularly with sharing apps such as Instagram. I am truly amazed by the variety of compelling images that now experience on a daily basis via my multitude of social media news-feeds. Cathy

    1. Bob Chambers

      Bob C replies to cbosse ……

      I had never laid eyes on the cenotaph in Chippawa Park before I took that picture
      as a 17 year old. I believe It took two only pictures. I guess I got lucky in getting
      this angle, which I still like.

      As far as all the choices that the digital world allows, I pretty well shun them, still preferring
      to get the picture with the click of the shutter rather than hours with photoshop.

    1. Bob Chambers

      Bob C replies to Frank Hracs.
      I’m glad you like my Chambers’ Corner memories. They all are recollections from 50 or 60
      years ago and may be tinted, tainted, or tinged with age. I hope readers will correct
      me where necessary.


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