High School Hoops: Tip Off Tournament

DSC_1025 (3)17th Annual Tip Off Tournament

Friday, November 27 and Saturday, November 28

Notre Dame College School

GROUP 1                                                                                GROUP 2

Notre Dame                                                                             AN Myer

St. Augustine  (Brampton)                                                Father Goetz (Mississauga)

Governor Simcoe                                                                   Blessed Trinity

Ursuline (Chatham)                                                               Craig Kielburger Secondary (Milton)

Thetford Academy Black (Thetford Mines, Quebec)    Thetford Academy HS


Friday, November 27th

DILLON HALL                                                           BELCASTRO GYM

10:00AM   Thetford HS vs Blessed Trinity          10:00AM   Ursuline vs Thetford Black

11:30AM   St. Augustine vs Governor Simcoe           11:30AM   AN Myer vs Father Goetz

1:15PM      Notre Dame vs Ursuline                              1:00PM  Blessed Trinity vs Craig Kielburger

4:00PM       Thetford Black vs Governor Simcoe             4:00PM      AN Myer vs Craig Kielburger

5:30PM       Notre Dame vs St. Augustine                      5:30PM      Father Goetz vs Thetford HS

 Saturday, November 28

 DILLON HALL                                                             BELCASTRO GYM

 9:00AM      Blessed Trinity vs AN Myer                       9:00AM    Governor Simcoe vs Notre Dame

10:30AM    Craig Kielburger vs Father Goetz              10:30AM   St. Augustine vs Thetford Black

12NOON    Thetford HS vs AN Myer                            12NOON   Governor Simcoe vs Ursuline

1:30PM       Thetford Black vs Notre Dame                   1:30PM     Father Goetz vs Blessed Trinity

3:00PM       Craig Kielburger vs Thetford HS                3:00PM      Ursuline vs St. Augustine


Each team is guaranteed 4 games.

The team in BOLD is considered the home team.

The top team in each group will receive Tournament T-shirts.

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