Refugee Settlement Committee Seeks Driver

WELLAND (Special) – The following release was received from the Welland Refugee Settlement Committee today:

Attention Welland and area residents: The Welland Refugee Settlement Committee, in partnership with Central United Church, are expecting to welcome a refugee family from Burma within the next month (and it could be any day now).

We are looking to see if there is anyone with one of the following licence categories: F, E, C, or B, who might be willing to drive a 15-passenger van to and from the airport when our family arrives.

We may not get much notice and do not know what time of day their flight will get in, so someone with some schedule flexibility would be ideal, but if you have limited availability and are still willing to volunteer, let us know and we will make a list of who is available when!

We have decided in this method of travel because we did not want to split up the six member family into two different vehicles to travel from the airport to Welland. They will have had a very long period of travel and be nervous or unsure as they make their way into the cold for the first time with strangers….so we at least want to keep them together.

If there is someone available please send your general schedule (retired, mostly available; evenings only; weekdays and weekends, etc) in a message to the Welland Refugee Settlement Committteee via: or leave a phone message at Central United Church, 905-735-2333.


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