Hey, It’s Winter!


Woodlawn Road looking east, about 9:45 a.m. For this busy road, traffic was light as relatively few drivers were out and about in these conditions.(Photo by Joe Barkovich)


Niagara College campus as it looked from atop the berm shortly after 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)


One thought on “Hey, It’s Winter!

  1. Bob Chambers

    To Joe: my blogger boss.

    Good to see someone else out shooting the poor weather conditions. Especially an editor

    who usually sat by a typewriter with a coffee at hand. It is the type of day that I didn’t look forward to during my 31 years as a newspaper photographer.

    Most readers don’t realize how hard it to make bad look BAD ….. a picture doesn’t depict

    cold, gusting winds very effectively ….. then sometimes you have to wait for cars to get in the right

    spot ….. a picture with no cars at all is not very effective …. just one car is usually OK ….. but

    it’s gotta’ be a dark car to show up in the snow ….. white cars just kinda’ disappear. All the while

    you’re probably standing in a traffic lane with one eye looking forward, the other backward, and

    with your ears listening for traffic from the side ….. knowing that cars often move silently in

    the snow and the drivers can’t see this snowman (you) standing there in the snow anyway.

    So, I really understand your blog scene called, “Hey, It’s Winter …. Woodlawn Road looking east

    about 9:45 am”.

    Bob Chambers

    > >


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