Wanted: Members For City Committees

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

WELLAND – The City of Welland is again asking for members of the public to come forward for appointments to various committees. The big question is: Will response be as tepid as it was in the fall of 2014?


Interested in taking a place at the committee table?

The ad on Thursday’s Civic Corner page lists six advisory committees and one committee for which new members are needed. They are, with the number of citizen appointments provided in brackets:

Accessibility Advisory Committee (3);

Arts and Culture Advisory Committee (1);

Market Square Advisory Committee (3);

Senior Citizens Advisory Committee (2);

Town and Gown Committee (1);

Welland Arenas Advisory Committee (5);

Welland Community Wellness Complex Advisory Committee (3)

The advertisement says the term of these appointments expires November 30, 2018.

It says applications and information is available in the office of the city clerk or on the city’s website at www.welland.ca/WeeklyInfo/Notices.asp

When appointments were sought in 2014, there was so little response that two or three deadline date extensions had to be made.

The deadline date for applying this time around, as it appears on this Civic Corner posting, is on or before 4:30 p.m. Monday, January 25. A city councilor said this may be the second deadline date extension.


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