‘What A Difference A Year Makes!’


Rob Paola in a photo taken last summer in Toronto while he was helping with weather forecast support at the Pan Am Games, including providing forecasts for the Welland Flatwater Centre. (Supplied photo)

By Rob Paola

A high of 13.9C was recorded in Welland Wednesday (as registered by the official Environment Canada weather station at Welland airport)

This sets a new daily record high for Feb 3rd in Welland, easily breaking the old record high of 8.0C on this date in 1991. In fact, the record was already broken by 7 am (Wednesday) when the temperature was already at 8.3C. The record high of 13.9C was set around 2 pm (Wednesday).  This makes it the warmest February day in Welland since Feb. 25, 2002 when the temperature climbed to 14.5C

The balmy temperatures are quite the contrast to February of last year which was the coldest month in Welland history with an average temperature of -13.1C. The temperature was below freezing the entire month, with the exception of Feb 4th when it hit 0.1C for 2 hours.

The month featured an incredible 13 days below -20C, and was notable for the coldest temperature ever recorded in February in Welland – an astonishing -31.9C on Feb 16th. What a difference a year makes!

(“Welland boy” Rob Paola is a meteorologist with Environment Canada. He works in Winnipeg, but keeps a close eye on the weather and weather news in his hometown as a lifelong interest.)


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