EXCLUSIVE: Brrrrrrrrrr! ‘Stay Safe And Stay Warm!’



Rob Paola in a photo taken last summer in Toronto while he was helping with weather forecast support at the Pan Am Games, including providing forecasts for the Welland Flatwater Centre. (Supplied photo)

By Rob Paola

Interesting weather coming up for southern Niagara over the next few days:

Friday will see a likelihood of snowsqualls developing off Lake Erie affecting mainly the southern portions of Niagara from Port Colborne to Fort Erie into Buffalo. These snowsqualls may be heavy at times producing poor visibilities in heavy snowfall and blowing snow with 10-20 cm possible mainly near Lake Erie. There’s a possibility that these squalls may shift north up the Highway 20 corridor from Welland to Niagara Falls in the afternoon for a few hours before shifting back south, so be prepared for poor travel conditions depending on where these snowsquall bands set up.

During the evening, an Arctic cold front will push through Niagara accompanied by a band of heavy snow followed by plunging temperatures. This will usher in the coldest air of the season for the weekend, with temperatures staying in the minus teens during the day, and falling to -20C at night.

Saturday looks to be the coldest day of this cold snap with afternoon temperatures struggling to reach -15C, and windchills of -30 or lower. Saturday night into Sunday morning will be frigid with temperatures in Welland bottoming out around -20C early Sunday, and possibly hitting -25C at the official weather station at Welland airport.

Bottom line… be prepared for squally weather Friday with poor travel conditions at times, followed by a frigid weekend. Stay safe and stay warm!

(Rob Paola is a meteorologist with Environment Canada based in Winnipeg. He has a lifelong interest in Welland, especially when it comes to its weather. His forecasts, and writings, appear here from time to time. From one “Welland boy” to another: Thanks Rob!)



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