Hoops Postscript: Captions You’ll Never See In Print

DSC_0667 (2)

Do not ask for whom the ball falls – it falls for you! (Photos by Joe Barkovich)

DSC_0685 (2)

Hmmmm. What did you say Plan B is, Frank?


What goes up, must come down……..

DSC_0885 (2)

I’ll never volunteer to run the gauntlet again!

DSC_0898 (2)

“We want it…” “No, you can’t have it…” “Too bad, we want it…”

DSC_0681 (2)

Time out! Time out! Is anyone paying attention?

DSC_0905 (2)

What, how could you lose your whistle??

DSC_0729 (2)

Foot ball action

DSC_0965 (2)

Third and four….a running play

DSC_0743 (3)

The End

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