A Close Eye On Rose Parade Weekend Weather


Centennial Secondary School/ McGill University grad Rob Paola. (Supplied photo)

Welland-born meteorologist Rob Paola, though based  in Winnipeg, is passionate about following his hometown weather story, stats and  other weather-related details, and has done so for years.

The Environment Canada meteorologist knows just how important Rose Festival parade weekend is here in the Rose City. With that in mind he prepared a short look-ahead, below, at this early stage of the week and will follow-up later as the Sunday, June 25 parade date draws nearer. Here’s what he provided:

“Still early to give a definitive forecast for this year’s parade. VERY preliminary data suggests it will be warm, breezy and humid with highs in the upper 20s. There’s a cold front expected to go through later in the day into Sunday night with showers and thunderstorms, but the timing of that front is very uncertain at this point. Will have to monitor it this week to get a better idea of when it may go through. Hopefully any inclement weather holds off until after the parade.”

But Rob also compiled an amazing history of Welland’s Rose Festival Parade weather over the past 50+ years, comparing temps, conditions, etc., for those June  parade dates. It’s an amazing read. To have a look, follow the link that appears below:




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