Rob’s Rose Fest Parade Forecast

DSC_0626 (3)

City of Welland rose. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)

By Rob Paola


Rob Paola. (Supplied photo)

SPECIAL – Weather is looking good, very summer-like. That front I was concerned about earlier looks like it won’t go through until Sunday night or Monday, so Sunday afternoon is looking rain free.

Parade weather should be mostly sunny and quite warm… temperatures of around 28C with humidex in the mid thirties. There will be a southwest breeze of 20-30 kmh to make things a bit more comfortable, but overall, a typically warm summer day in Welland for the big parade! Enjoy!
I will update the forecast if there are any changes, but at this point, things are looking good!
(Former Wellander Rob Paola, still a Welland boy at heart, is a meteorologist with Environment Canada based in Winnipeg. He enjoys keeping a close eye on weather conditions in his hometown  and has done so for years.)

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