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Idyllic Welland

DSC_0776 (3)

Nothing like a group swim on the recreational waterway to beat the heat on a hot, hot Sunday afternoon in Welland. Note the slowpoke holding up the rear…. Can’t you just hear him asking: “Are we there yet?” (Photo by Joe Barkovich. Idyllic Welland is a recurring feature on the blog.)

THIS WEEK: Meetings In Welland

Weekly Meetings
Jun.28 ’16
2:30 PM – Committee of Adjustment Meeting In-camera (Closed to the Public), under Section 239 (3.1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, for the purpose of educating and training members of the Committee of Adjustment
– Room 109.
Jun.28 ’16
6:00 PM – Special Council Meeting in Committee-of-the-Whole In-camera (Closed to the Public), in the Council Ante Room, to discuss the following:

  • Under the Business Corporations Act – Welland Hydro-Electric Holding Corporation;
    – Welland Hydro-Electric Corporation Annual General Meeting – Business Updates and Appointment of Directors.
Jun.28 ’16
7:00 PM – Special Council Meeting, in Open Session, in the Council Chambers
– this meeting will recess at approximately 7:00 p.m. to convene the Annual Shareholder Meeting of Welland Hydro-Electric Holding Corporation and the General Committee Meeting. The Special Council Meeting will reconvene after the General Committee Meeting.
Jun.30 ’16
7:00 PM – Pubic Meeting re: mandate and governance structure of the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation
– Community Room.

A Beauty For Parade Viewing!

Meteorologist Rob Paola  says Sunday’s weather will be ideal for watching the Rose Festival parade.

Paola, a former Welland boy now with Environment Canada in Winnipeg, says there are no major changes with tomorrow’s forecast.

“Still looking mainly sunny, breezy and hot with afternoon temperatures near 30C, humidex values around 35. Saving grace will be a nice southwest breeze of 20-30 kmh which should make the heat more bearable. Otherwise, another hot summer day on the way for the parade! Stay cool and hydrated.”

New Home A Hit For Popular Welland Triathlon

DSC_0733 (2)

Athletes wait for the swim portion of the triathlon to get underway. They set out on the swim course at five second intervals, as shown below. (All photos by Joe Barkovich)

DSC_0739 (5)

DSC_0753 (3)

Volunteers, from left, Jim Watson, Shawn Fitzgerald and Jimmy Hope help swimmers out of the water.

DSC_0812 (2)

Looking across the waterway, from west side to east side, photo shows cyclists on Canal Bank Road.

DSC_0783 (2)

Heading for home: Cyclists on their way back to the transition area.

DSC_0822 (2)

Racked bikes in the transition area.

DSC_0840 (2)

A view down the flatwater centre course, showing the old railway swing bridge in the distance. The triathlon also featured a run component. The announcer for the event said the Welland International Flatwater Centre  just may be the best triathlon venue in Ontario. It’s the first time for the event to be held at this site.


Gadabout Gardener

DSC_0755 (2)

Something a little different for today’s Gadabout Gardener feature. What caught my eye is the tree in the centre, identified as a white lilac tree. It stands behind an assortment of bushes and shrubs and is flanked, sort of, by larger, older trees. If you’re wondering where this is to be found, wonder no more – Chippawa Park! More nice work by City of Welland horticultural staff. (Photo by Joe Barkovich. Gadabout Gardener is a recurring feature on the blog.)