Bath Day


Sunday is bath day. The robin had a blast. The sparrow could only sit and watch. (Photos by Joe Barkovich)



One thought on “Bath Day

  1. Hilda Finlayson

    Love your bird bath photos.  My backyard bird bath isn’t getting as many users as last year, mainly (I think) because I can’t get the water intoit faster than it evaporates in this hot and humid weather.  I did see a squirrel drinking a couple of times, and a few birds bathing and drinkingin the same water (as they also poop in, by the looks of it).  Last year, a neighbour’s cat came every evening at a certain time to have his/herevening libation, and I have had at times 6 or 7 little sparrows whooping it up.  My photos are not nearly as good as yours, of course, since they were taken through the dining room window which has a screen.  Thanks for sharing. Hilda

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