Making Welland Colourful

art wall progress

Welland artist James Takeo applies a coat of white to the letter ‘l’ in ‘Welland’ early this evening, Tuesday, July 26. When finished, its theme will be transportation modes in Welland with images of a laker and locomotive filling in the space. Takeo also painted the visually striking Bridge 13 image that dominates the first ‘l’. Below, the ‘n’ is a project of artist Atom Dellow and it is being dedicated to Welland industry over the years. The letter ‘d’ was painted by Karen Edwards and it pays homage to Welland’s firefighting/infrastructure heritage. The work is expected to be complete by Aug. 27. If you haven’t yet had a close-up look at the Welland Art Wall, it’s certainly worth your while to do so. It is located at the corner of East Main and Hellems.  (Photos by Joe Barkovich)

art wall progress1.jpg

1 thought on “Making Welland Colourful

  1. Ann Simunic

    The artwork is beautiful and colourful. Congratulations to all the artists. keep up the beautiful work


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