Construction-Related Transit Route Detours


Construction advisory signs like the one above are to be found on sidestreets off Niagara advising/reminding motorists about the huge project currently underway on Niagara. Detour signs are also in the area. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)

WELLAND – City of Welland transit route detours  connected to the Niagara Street reconstruction project:

Route detours for route #9 and #3 are until further notice/subject to change due to ongoing construction.

Route #9 reroute due to construction:

Outbound/Leaving Terminal: regular routing to Niagara Street, right onto Merritt St East , Left on Aqueduct, regular routing continues.

Inbound/Returning to Terminal: regular routing to Aqueduct, right on Merritt St, Left onto Niagara St, regular routing continues

Route #3 reroute due to construction:

Inbound/Returning to Terminal : Regular routing to Niagara College, Straight on First Ave, Right on Fitch Street, Left on Prince Charles Drive, Left on West Main St, Right on Division, regular routing to Terminal.

(Source: City of Welland website)


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