Esteemed Military Historian Speaks At Museum

museum.pngWELLAND – In conjunction with the museum’s exhibit, Niagara and the Great Wars, which examines the Great Wars, particularly World War I and the impact it had on our community and the world around us, is the accompanying speaker series.

The speaker series continues Friday, September 16, 2016 with well-known historian Donald Graves’ Under the Heel of the Invader: Life in Occupied Niagara 1813”.  The talk begins at 6:30pm.  Light refreshments will be served.  Donald will speak again the following afternoon (September 17) at 2pm for From Battlefront to Homefront: Daily Life of WWI Soldiers & Those who Waited for Them”.  Tickets are $10 each.  To register, please call 905-732-2215.

Donald Graves is a writer and a well-known historian specializing in Canadian Military history.  He has worked as a historian for the National Historic Sites Service, the National Archives of Canada, the Canadian Forces, and he also served briefly in the Canadian Army Militia.

He is currently the Managing Director of the Ensign Heritage Group. His work has been widely praised. A review by Jon Latimer in Times Literary Supplement (13 April 2007) declared: “Donald E. Graves is probably Canada’s foremost military historian.”

(Source: Welland Museum media release.)


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