1 thought on “Country Road

  1. Bob Chambers

    Your photograph in the blog on Feb 21, showing Barron Road at Cataract Road, had me,
    a former driver on most of Niagara’s Roads, thinking I know that spot but
    I just can’t place it. So, off to google and there it was …. farther north than your usual
    wanderings. Yes, Barron Road definitely was a country road forty years ago when I knew the area. Then, maybe there were three houses on it.

    But now, Google Aerial photo shows me eight houses …. with at least three BIG houses and
    one mega-mansion, showing the changes that have occurred here, almost hidden in the bush, just a couple of kilometres away from the commercial strip of Hwy 20. This is no longer my forefathers Niagara Peninsula.

    Joe, continue photographing country roads …… while they’re still around.


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