2016 Food Drive Date: November 5


A volunteer gathers up donations of non-perishables from a front doorstep in north Welland. (2015 file photo/Joe Barkovich)

The Welland Food Drive is around the corner.

It is that time again!  Every year for the last 23 years the Welland community has come together to stock the shelves of the food banks in our city.  This year is no exception.  The Food Drive this year will be on Saturday, November 5.

About the Process

The collection of what usually ends up being tons and tons of food in a three hour window is as it always has been, Welland residents are asked to put their food donations at their front doors by 10:00 a.m.   Sometime shortly after that some 80+ teams of people will scour the street, collecting the food donated.  The donations are brought to Club Richelieu on River Road where it is boxed by hundreds of volunteers.  The food is distributed between Open Arms Mission, the Hope Center and the Salvation Army for those who require a little help in the months to come.

Volunteers are Needed

The activity and excitement as the food comes in to Club Richelieu is something to behold.  We always need hard working volunteers to help out throughout the day. To participate, please go to wellandfooddrive.com to sign up as a volunteer.     Additionally liking us on Facebook or contributing to Instagram and/or Twitter at #wellandfooddrive is critical in getting the word out.

For additional information Please go to our website.

(Source: Welland Food Drive media release)

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