Come Along On Kindred’s Musical Journey


The group Kindred performs December 10 at the Welland Community Wellness Complex theatre. Tickets are now available from the office. Pictured are: Ken Elder, David Romano, Wayne Meehan,  Amy Elder, Darlene Romano and Joni Romano. (Supplied photo)

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

WELLAND – Time to move out of the kitchen and onto the stage.

For popular local group Kindred, the latest transition comes Saturday, December 10 in the Welland Community Wellness Complex theatre.

The kitchen as a meeting place for song, music and celebration is traditional for many, especially downeasters, country folk and others. Count Kindred among them. As a bio says, Kindred’s members have been part of those musical families and have played in many, many kitchens.

But also on stage, which is where we heard them last December and where we plan to be back in a few weeks for their performance in the 400-seat Wellness Complex theatre. If last year’s show is any indication, you can expect a sensory treat from this talented group of musicians and vocalists.

My contact is Joni Romano, who provided info about the show and what there is to look forward to. The final set list wasn’t complete at the time, but she did say that based on the group’s repertoire, be prepared for a rich cross-section of music from various genres. This would include: melodic and humorous Celtic tunes, folk story songs, gospel, bluegrass, country and Cajun. Of course, a few spiritual and secular Christmas season songs will also be part of the show.

The group’s name should be a give-away that its members are related. Kindred consists of: David (guitars, mandolin) and Joni Romano (mandolin, guitars, percussion, pennywhistle), David’s sister Darlene Romano (guitars, mandolin, banjo), Ken Elder (bass) and his wife Amy Elder (keyboard) and newest member Wayne Meehan (drums). As Joni pointed out, all the members are harmony vocalists and take turns with lead vocals.

The showcase for this year’s concert was described as “a brief Musical Journey related to the Celtic music traditions as they move across the ocean to North America and how that music blends with other music in the new land to form a tapestry.” Intriguing? You got that right.

The lead in will be a recorded narration that explains the diversity, the traditions and the cultural heritage of the music and lyrics – perhaps best described as a sharing of roots and routes. Be prepared for stops in places like the Appalachians, the Louisiana bayou and Acadia, among others – and what a treat they are sure to be. It’s a Musical Journey not to be missed!

Tickets are available at the Wellness Complex office, at $12 for passholders and $15 for non-passholders. Want a  tip? Don’t wait ‘til last minute to get yours, you may end up disappointed. This isn’t a particularly large venue and the group has many fans.

More Kindred information is available at the website,

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