Christmas Week Forecast: A Mixed Bag Ahead


Meteorologist and “Welland boy” Rob Paola. (Supplied photo)

Editor’s Note: I asked former Wellander Rob Paola, a meteorologist, for a Christmas week forecast for his hometown, which he was more than glad to do, as he did last December when first approached.

He has been a meteorologist with Environment Canada for over 30 years.

Rob became interested in meteorology as a teenager in Welland, the catalyst being the great Blizzard of ’77 that paralyzed southern Niagara and western New York back in January 1977.

He wrote: “That blizzard was something our region had never experienced before (to that extreme) and it impressed upon me how powerful a force Mother Nature could be, and how mankind was no match for Mother Nature at her worst. That storm, more than any other, triggered my lifelong interest in weather, especially with trying to forecast and experience its extremes.  ”

 A Forecast for Welland, By Rob Paola

 Looking at the weather this week for Welland/Niagara area:

Looks like temperatures will be seasonal this week, with average highs just above freezing and lows around -5C or so. Could see an occasional dusting of snow or sprinkle this week, but overall no major storms expected over the next few days (although it will be windy for Tuesday). That means the snow you have on the ground should stick around for the rest of the week, although it looks like there’s going to be a significant warming trend for the Christmas holiday weekend (Dec 24-Dec 26)

Depending on how fast you warm up, you may lose a lot of your snow cover by Christmas morning, although I think there’ll still be some around to make it look at least a little like Christmas (much more than last year’s totally green Christmas after a high of +16C on Dec 24th)

The warmup really kicks in on Boxing Day when Welland/Niagara could be looking at highs of +10 – +13C, springlike conditions along with gusty winds and some rainshowers likely. That would eat up most of the snowpack, and put a damper on any plans for tobogganing or outdoor ice skating.

That’s how it looks for now… hope you enjoy the holidays no matter what the weather brings!


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