Public Meeting on Federal Electoral Reform

ST. CATHARINES – In anticipation of a landmark federal government decision on, if or how, it will keep its promise that 2019 will  see the end of  our “first-past-the post” election system, on Wednesday  January 11th, the Niagara District Council of Women is hosting a public meeting on federal electoral reform, featuring Brock Political Science Professor David Siegel and community activist, and “proportional representation” advocate, Linda Babb.

From current media reports, the government seems uncertain about its direction, with the Prime Minister quoted as saying  that the public seems to have “lost interest” in the issue, even as advocates such as Linda Babb, say there is overwhelming support for a  dramatic change to a proportional representation system, so that everyone’s vote counts. And recently, there are signs that the public may be taking part in a national referendum.

In this case, Canadians are facing an important decision, and there are lots of questions to ask, the main one according to Dr. Siegel is: “Should we keep the method of election that has served us well for 150 years? Or should we replace an old system that has not been changed since Queen Victoria’s time?”

Whatever happens in the months ahead, both speakers feel members of the public need to inform themselves about the options,  are pleased to add to this important dialogue at such a crucial time of change, and are looking forward to, as Doctor Siegel puts it, “a vigorous debate about changing the electoral system.”.

The public is invited to attend this important meeting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday January 11th in the Mills Memorial Room , at St. Catharines Centennial Library  54 Church Street St. Catharines.

For information contact Gracia Janes  905-468-2841,  David Siegel 905-688-5550 ext 3712. (Source: News Release)

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