HERITAGE LIVES: A Forgotten Industry


By Terry Hughes

“It is a shame I have not answered you sooner but I am house cleaning and I am not well. How are you all stacking up” Such a message one would see on Facebook today but this was a message for Christian from A.H., on the back of this post card dated May 14, 1908. Isn’t it interesting how history repeats itself!

The picture on the post card features a small industry located by the tracks near East Main St., Welland, and later, not far from the ice house and Coronation School. They built cast iron stoves and furnaces for most homes and businesses that were heated with wood or coal. Natural gas was just beginning to appear at this time and was considered too dangerous.

The raw materials that were used for the products lay outside the building. They included pig iron and coal. The person standing on the tracks must have been an afterthought.

Next column: Looking at East Main St. from the top of the world.

(Terry Hughes is a Wellander who is passionate about heritage, history and model railroading.)


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