City Releases Annual Report, Read It Here

WELLAND – The City of Welland is pleased to release its 2016 Annual Report. The report showcases last year’s accomplishments and projects, along with a financial snapshot on tax dollars spent, as-well-as a demographic and economic profile of the city.

The 2016 Annual Report also highlights progruntitledams and initiatives that support Council’s five strategic priorities on 1) canal redevelopment 2) infrastructure renewal 3) financial sustainability 4) business development and job creation 5) communications and public engagement.

“This report demonstrates our commitment to being accountable to residents and businesses, and being open and transparent in what we’re doing and where we’re going as a city,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “The report also reflects a year of positive results, including increased economic activity, exceptional service delivery, and strategic investments while being fiscally responsible.”

“Communications is one of Council’s strategic priorities, and it was a key focus last year, along with rebranding initiatives designed to recognize and profile Welland as a “smart city” within a knowledge economy,” said Gary Long, CAO. “As our city continues to grow and change, our leadership team is focused on managing change and working collaboratively with staff to make the necessary adjustments to ensure our organization is being responsible and innovative.”

For more information on City of Welland’s programs and services visit, or to view the 2016 Annual Report follow


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