Pssst! Any Suggestions For Changes To Civic Square Front Plaza?

WELLANDThe City of Welland would like to hear from residents and business owners regarding ideas on how to revitalize the outside front plaza of Welland Civic Square. Welland City Council approved a staff recommendation to seek public input on a concept plan that will design a public space to attract more people to downtown Welland, create community activities, and encourage people to gather and interact.

untitledThe planning and design of the project is being completed in-house to keep costs to a minimum, and to draw on the skills and expertise of the Project Team, which is comprised of City staff from various departments.

Welland’s downtown is being revitalized as the private sector continues to invest in building improvements and the establishment of new businesses. The City’s Community Improvement Plan Programs have assisted with this process, which has resulted in more than $1.2 million in private sector investment.

City staff will be organizing several public meetings, and launching an online public survey to gather feedback from residents and business owners on enhancing the outdoor space at Civic Square. This will assist the City’s Project Team in producing a concept plan for consideration.

Municipalities are recognizing that investing in downtown areas stimulate economic and social growth. This project will help unite Welland’s residential and business communities, and enhance its cultural and social identity. It is important for municipalities to invest in downtown infrastructure, businesses, and residents, in order to create places where people have easy access to transit, Wi-Fi, and free events.

To participate in the Civic Square concept plan, take the online “My Civic Square” survey at or attend one of the public meetings, which will take place this spring. More details will be made available over the next few weeks.

(Source: City of Welland news release.)


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