Wanted: Writer Keen On Social Justice Issues

Editor’s note: This is my second call for applicants. In the first, one applicant had a change of mind after expressing interest, the second turned out not to be qualified.

From A Reporter’s Notebook is looking for a Welland-based writer with interest in hot-button social issues.

Once or twice monthly, you will provide a feature story for publication on the blog, having to do with: hunger, homelessness, the working poor, food banks, unemployment, struggles for economic justice, refugees/migration and more.

You must be passionate about social justice and charity, so much so that you are willing to work without financial remuneration. Your work will be recognized on the blog with your published byline, credits for photos that appear with your copy, and a prominent head and shoulder type photo that will enhance your public profile in the community.

Your work will consist of assigned stories, photo essays and from time to time your own personal enterprise.

If you think you have it what it takes help make social justice a front-burner issue in the local community, it’s time to hear from you.

Please provide a brief resume with a focus on why social issues and social justice are important to you, details on prior or current experience as a writer and/or activist and what you think can/will be accomplished by shining a spotlight on these issues.

Please respond by email to: fromareportersnotebook@gmail.com

Deadline for application is Saturday, May 27, 2017. Projected start-up is mid-June, 2017.

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