HERITAGE LIVES: Crestfallen About The Demise Of Welland’s Logo? Don’t Be

By Terry Hughes

WELLAND – City council has replaced the former coat of arms that had been symbolic of Welland especially in its heyday with something more representative of Welland’s present and future. Before we talk about that let’s visit the logo that was used for nearly a century for one last time.


The old…..

At the centre of the crest stood the British Lion connecting the city with the United Kingdom and the United Empire Loyalists who initially settled here. Like Welland, many of the major streams, canal and streets are named after places back in the U.K. With the development of rail and waterways, we became a junction point of seven railways and the fourth Welland Canal.

The two ships and steam locomotive (beside and above the lion) are symbolic of this fact. The banner at the bottom sums up what any map of the Niagara Peninsula would show. All of these features would lead to our community becoming an industrial town. Unfortunately, what it does not show is the magnificent contributions made by our many European cultures.

city logo

….and the new.

In the past, the editor of this blog and I had talked about the need for a new Welland signature. The new logo that was chosen through a design contest is fresh, simple and representative of what we as a city are all about.

The bridge is a reminder of what was the past and the symbolic wave beneath it indicates our new relationship with the recreational waterway. The message about our past, present and future is clear!

For more details about how this logo was developed go to the city’s web site.

 Next time: More intriguing stuff about the railway swing bridge.

(Heritage Lives is a recurring feature on the blog. Terry Hughes is a Wellander who is passionate about heritage, history and model railroading.)


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