‘Wettest Start To May On Record In Welland’


‘Welland boy’ Rob Paola keeps a close eye on his hometown’s weather from Winnipeg, where he is stationed with Environment Canada. (Supplied photo)

By Rob Paola

As of this morning, Welland has recorded 58 mm of rain since Thursday. In the past week, Welland has picked up an incredible 118 mm of rain from April 30 – May 6, which is basically a month and a half of rain in 1 week.  In the first 6 days of May, Welland has seen 90 mm of rain, which is more than the average for the entire month of May (85 mm)  This makes it the wettest start to May on record in Welland, surpassing the previous wettest start back in 1897 when 56 mm fell in the first week of May.  Weather records for Welland go back to 1873.

As far as May is concerned, Welland still has a ways to go for wettest May honours. That title belongs to May 1894 when 190 mm of rain fell during the month (thanks in large part to a 130 mm deluge from May 18-20th)  Hopefully that record stays intact.

A more dubious record however is within reach. As of May 6th, Welland has had 332 mm of precipitation since March 1st. This already makes it the 5th wettest spring on record in Welland since 1873 (for weather records, “spring” is defined as the 3 month period from March 1st –  May 31st).

The top 5 wettest springs in Welland are… (records since 1873)

  1. 1942 ……. 365.9 mm
  2. 2011 ……. 361.6 mm
  3. 2004 ……. 348.3 mm
  4. 1904 ……. 341.7 mm
  5. 2017 ……. 332.4 mm* (as of May 6th)

With over 3 weeks left to go, Welland could easily be looking at their wettest spring on record (would only need another 34 mm by the end of the month)  I’m sure that’s a  milestone Wellanders don’t want to reach at this point! Thankfully, Niagara will get to dry out this week as no significant rainfall is expected much of the week. Unfortunately, another round of wet weather is possible by next weekend.

Safety message: Rivers and creeks are running high and fast, so heed all conservations warnings and ensure pets and children stay away from these potential hazards.

Enjoy the drier weather this week.

(Editor’s note: Thanks, Rob, for your contributions to the blog. Whether you know it or not, your work is much appreciated!

“Welland boy” Rob Paola is a meteorologist with Environment Canada based in Winnipeg. He has a lifelong interest in Welland, especially when it comes to its weather. His forecasts, and writings, appear here from time to time.)


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