Nearing Quarter Century, Donna’s Garage Sale Has Wait List Of Vendors

donna garage (2)

Donna Pearson’s garage sale, in its 23rd year, is set for Saturday. (Supplied file photo)

By Donna Pearson
Special to the blog

WELLAND  –  This is our 23rd year and some people selling their treasures have attended since we started.  We call the same people back every year until they decide not to come and we then open spots for new people, every year there are people waiting to get their name on the list.  We try to have the first good Saturday, weatherwise, in May. This year, we are set for May 20. The location is 107 First Ave., directly across from Chippawa Park.
We start Friday setting up everyone brings their tables and treasures and cover them for the night and 6.30 Saturday morning they are here finalizing their tables for display. We sell until 1pm and actually not much is left over and whatever is goes to the Open Arms Mission on Forks Road.
 garage saleI am good friends with my neighbours (thank goodness) as we use both front lawns. In total we have 18 to 20 families selling and with that they also bring helpers, so attendance we could have up to 40 to 50 people.  Every year I cook chicken soup, chili, and salads and feed everyone, the coffee pot starts at 6am.
We have great parking with the park across the street and every year we see the same people come back looking for new treasures.  Actually I think they come to visit us as some people stay for hours.  There are the people collecting cameras, war memorabilia, watches, tea cups, and certain specialty magazines, records, collectable toys and we seem to have it all.
Since we are supposed to open for 8, they are waiting sometimes at 6.30 in their cars, with that as long as everyone is ready and at their table we open 7:45 and the morning goes fast. The average attendance is anywhere from 300 to 350 people.
It takes a long time getting ready for this as I call everyone in January and this seems to get them in the mood with Christmas being over to start purging.
Items for sale this year:
Plants, Blankets, Scrap book supplies;
Beatle Monopoly, Electronics, Beds;
Dresser Air conditioners, Oster Food Presentation Centre, Sewing Machine;
Tools,  Puzzles, Linens;
Humidifier, Lamps, Mirrors;
Wood Stacking Trays, Bottle Collection, Home made purses;
Games, Children Clothes, Bicycles;
Books, Audio CD’s, Dishes;
Stroller, Antiques, Chairs;
Baking Supplies, Vacuum, Kitchen Tap.

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