City Using Cloud-Based GIS Data Collection For Better Service Delivery

WELLAND – The City of Welland’s Engineering and Information Services Divisions are using a mobile asset management tool to record problem areas on city sidewalks. City staff are now using a GIS-centric cloud-based data collection APP to document more than 300 km of sidewalks more accurately and efficiently. Through a tablet or mobile phone, staff are able to survey, collect data, and prioritize what areas of city sidewalks are in need of repair.
city logoPrevious to using the mobile data collection APP, city sidewalk assessment was completed by Engineering and Public Works staff. This process was time consuming with data being captured in two separate databases; however, with the new mobile APP the condition and safety assessment can be completed together by one staff. The APP also allows staff to take photos and directly upload details to Public Works staff when maintenance is a high priority.
Moving towards a quicker innovative approach on maintaining city infrastructure is a smart city initiative, allowing staff to provide better, more sustainable services.
City employees are now able to streamline information to other departments through the cloud application, and create a quicker process to repair and record city infrastructure.
“The new mobile APP is changing our sidewalk replacement program. It’s improving our service delivery with better accuracy,” said Marvin Ingebrigtsen, Infrastructure and Development Services Supervisor.
“This has opened a new window of opportunity, and we’re looking at other projects that could benefit from using this technology.”
(Source: City of Welland media release)

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