Paola: ‘Wettest Spring On Record In Welland’


Rob Paola keeps a close eye on his hometown’s weather from Winnipeg, where he is stationed with Environment Canada. (Supplied photo)

By Rob Paola

As of Tuesday, May 30, Welland has received 137 mm of rain this month. This makes it the 6th wettest May in Welland since records began in 1873. The top wettest Mays in Welland are as follows..

  1.       1894 ……. 195.9 mm
  2.       1942 ……. 190.1 mm
  3.       2014 ……. 169.5 mm
  4.       1953 ……. 155.8 mm
  5.       2004 ……. 147.4 mm
  6.       2017 ……. 137 mm* (as of May 30)   

Normal May precipitation in Welland is 85 mm, so this month has been over 60% wetter than average. Compare this to last May when only 36 mm of precipitation fell during the month, 100 mm less than this year!

More significantly, this has been the wettest spring on record in Welland since records began in 1873. As of Tuesday, Welland has recorded 379 mm of precipitation since March 1st. (In meteorology, “spring” is defined as the 3 month period from March 1st to May 31st).  This beats Welland’s previous wettest spring of 1942 when 366 mm of precipitation fell between March 1st and May 31st.

Normal spring precipitation in Welland is around 230 mm, so this spring has been about 65% wetter than normal not only in Welland, but for much of Niagara. Evidence of this is widespread, from waterlogged farmers fields to high river and lake levels this year. Quite a difference from last year when Welland had only 151 mm of precipitation from March 1st to May 31st, less than half the amount recorded this year!

(Editor’s note: “Welland boy” Rob Paola is a meteorologist with Environment Canada who lives and works in Winnipeg. He is a graduate of Centennial Secondary School here and McGill University, Montreal. He enjoys keeping a watchful eye on Welland’s weather, even though it is from afar, in Winnipeg, His always interesting posts appear as weather features on the blog from time to time. Thanks Rob!)

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