City, College Partner In Landfill Remediation Project

WELLAND –  The City of Welland, Dillon Consulting, and Niagara College are embarking on an exciting year-long project together to create an Atlas Landfill Remediation Concept Plan (ALRCP) for the retired landfill site on Woodlawn Road. Commencing the project in June 2017, the college’s School of Environmental & Horticultural Studies (SEHS) will collaborate with City of Welland staff, and landscape architects from Dillon Consulting to develop the site for public use.

city logoThe Atlas Landfill remediation site stands 220 metres above sea level, and towers about 40 metres above its surrounding landscape. The landfill site has nearly reached its operational lifespan; therefore, a detailed plan is necessary to research options, consult with the public, and plan for legislated closure and future land use opportunities.

niagara-college-logoNiagara College’s SEHS program has significant expertise in waste management, contaminated site management, ecological restoration, public consultation, and horticulture/landscaping. All of which are key components of a landfill closure project and essential in making the Atlas Landfill remediation site into a useful public space.

Under expertise and supervision from Niagara College faculty and Dillon Consulting, students from the SEHS will provide city staff with detailed research on the site, and design a public engagement program to gather stakeholder input from key target audiences. This information will be included in a report that will provide options and recommendations for the ALRCP.

The following is a proposed timeline for the Atlas Landfill Remediation Concept Plan:

  • Online Survey week of June 12
  • Public Engagement Session 1 on June 28 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Public Engagement Session 2 on Sept 6 (tentative)
  • Concept Plan Rollout September 29, 2017
  • Concept Plan Presentation to Council in October 2017
  • Detailed Design Process by Niagara College October 2017 – June 2018

“There is a lot of public interest on the future of this site, along with discussions on potential opportunities,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “We’re looking forward to hearing from the community and partnering with Niagara College.”

“Information gained from the project would be used by our ecosystem restoration students, who would use the site for their term field project under the guidance of our faculty mentors,” said Patrick Robson, Niagara College faculty member. “This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for experiential learning for our students, working alongside professionals from the city and Dillon Consulting on a project that will have a significantly positive and lasting impact on the city’s landscape.”

(Source: City of Welland news release.)


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