Bogner Goes To Great Extremes For Great Shots


Outstanding shooting by former Wellander Kristian Bogner a highlight of photo mag. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

Former Wellander Kristian Bogner has some stunning work on display in a slick photography magazine, Photo News.

His feature, titled Extreme Sports, is richly illustrated with three high-action photos augmented by technical tips in the form of captions and story from the gifted lensman.

Bogner is the son of Welland photographers Thies and Audrey Bogner, outstanding shooters, teachers and technicians in their own right.

A short bio that appears in the magazine tells us: “Kristian Bogner is a commercial, architecture, adventure, fashion, sports photographer, and brand Ambassador for Nikon Camera, Broncolor Canada and other suppliers. For some inspiration and more pro tips check out or attend one of his photography workshops:

An enticing part of the feature appears under the sub-headline Safety First – Lives May Depend On It. In it, Bogner shares some personal experiences from photo shoots and they are breathtaking. One example: “I have had to rescue an athlete after witnessing an avalanche bury him.”

The photos chosen for the feature are treats for the eyes and the insights provided by the photographer/author are informative and helpful for anyone interested in producing better photographs.

The issue of the magazine is dated Summer 2017. It came complimentary in my Saturday  newspaper but can be purchased at various outlets.

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