Hometown Boy’s Rose Fest Parade Forecast

By Rob Paola


Rob Paola, formerly of Welland, is an Environment Canada meteorologist based in Winnipeg. (Supplied photo)

WELLAND – It looks like the unsettled weather pattern of the past few days will continue Sunday with scattered showers and thunderstorms expected over Niagara by early afternoon, including the Welland area.

Sunday morning will start off dry with a mix of sun and cloud, along with temperatures in the mid to upper teens. By parade time at 1 pm, temperatures should be around 21C (70F) in Welland with brisk southwest winds of 30 to 50 km/h.

Rain clouds will be building by that time, and it’s possible (though not a certainty) the parade may see an intermittent shower or even a thunderstorm during the event. These showers will be hit and miss, so hopefully Welland will dodge any shower activity until the parade is over.

According to my records, the last Rose Festival parade that saw some rain was back in 2004, so the parade has had a good streak of dry weather for over a decade now. Here’s hoping the streak continues tomorrow! (But be prepared for rain just in case..)

Whatever the weather… have an enjoyable Rose Parade!

(Editor’s note: “Welland boy” Rob Paola is a meteorologist with Environment Canada who lives and works in Winnipeg. He is a graduate of Centennial Secondary School here and McGill University, Montreal. He enjoys keeping a watchful eye on Welland’s weather, even though it is from afar. His always interesting posts appear as weather features on the blog from time to time. Thanks Rob!)


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