New Skateboard, BMX Park Will Be On West Side of Recreational Canal Trail

WELLAND The new Welland Skateboard and BMX Park has found a new home on the west bank of the recreational canal trail. Directly across the waterway from the Welland Community Wellness Complex, Welland’s new state-of-the-art skate park will sit on the south side of Lincoln Street.

After extensive public engagement meetings—including consultation with Niagara Regional Police Services and months of technical investigation—the new location was chosen due to better visibility and the ability to provide a safer and more accessible location for all users.

“The west side of the canal is a great location for the new park because it’s central to Niagara’s bike trails, and directly on the Greater Niagara Circle Route,” said Facilities Project Manager, James O’Neill. “The new site will be far more visible and provide a better user experience, along with a wide range of skateboard and BMX terrain.”

City staff expect site preparation for the Welland Skateboard and BMX Park to begin this summer, with construction commencing later in September. The development of the new park stems from the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council fund-raising efforts, and community engagement public meetings. For more information on City of Welland community improvement projects visit

(Source: City of Welland news release)

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