LASTING IMAGE: Buddy And The Stoop

DSC_5300 (3)

Buddy on the side stoop. (File photo)

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large
Dog gone.
It has been a month and a few days since our Buddy’s departure. The passing days do not make the wound left by a beloved pet’s death any less painful.
We are still at the stage where too many reminders get in the way.
Like earlier today, when I was at the barbecue, fixing our supper.
Buddy’s favourite spot was on the stoop at the side door.
When I was in the side yard, you could be sure to find him there, on the stoop, most of the time.
It became problematic in a funny sort of way.
That’s because the side door stoop was his and only his. He would not budge. If I wanted in or out of the house, it would have to be via the front door. The king was on his throne.
Today I forgot myself. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. The throne was empty, but I went into the house via the front door anyway. I guess conditioned learning will do that to you.
I also found myself sitting on the top stair. I would do that when he was lying there, usually snoozing in the sun. Sometimes I would give him the occasional nudge, a gentle poke just to try and wake him up.
That’s the story behind the photo that accompanies this piece:  On a sunny May afternoon, I nudged him a couple of times and he awoke, with a sort of dazed look on his face, a look that asks “Huh?”  The camera was at the ready and the pic a became a lasting image. A keeper.
Sleep soundly now, Buddy.
Dog gone.

(Lasting Image is an occasional feature on the blog.)


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