New Team For La Maison de la Culture Francophone



The new board of directors of La MCFN (La Maison de la culture francophone du Niagara), from left, Yolande Lécuyer, Annie Boucher, Suzanne Giroux, Andrée Davis, Claire Cronier et Béatrice Groux. Absent: Gérald Lagacé. (Supplied photo)

WELLAND – La Maison de la culture francophone du Niagara (La MCFN) held its first annual general meeting recently at the Centre de santé communautaire du Niagara in Welland. Three members were elected to fill the vacancies.
The new board consists of Yolande Lécuyer (chair), Gerald Lagacé (vice-chair), Suzanne Giroux (treasurer), Béatrice Groux (secretary), Annie Boucher (elected, director), Claire Cronier (elected, director) and Andrée Davis (elected, director). All are active in their community.
“We would like to thank the outgoing members, Marc-Yvain Giroux (chair), Raymond Audette (director) and Guy Potvin (director) for their dedication to this cultural project, said Lécuyer.
La MCFN is a non-profit organization created in 2015 whose goal is to unite the francophone community in all its diversity, and preserve and perpetuate the use of the French language, cultural heritage and francophone traditions. It promotes literary, musical and theatrical events and program and all other educational and cultural activities. Francophone youth remains its top priority.
According to the inclusive definition of ‘francophone’ in Ontario, the francophone community represents more than 15,000 people in Niagara region. The current francophone network of La MCFN is made up of seven elementary schools and a secondary school on the Catholic school board side, four elementary and one secondary school on the public side and 11 day-care centres. The region also includes 19 schools with French immersion programs.
La Maison is appreciative for the financial support of Canadian Heritage.
(Source: News release)


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