SNRC Results From ‘Five Bridges’ Classic

DSC_1563 (3)

HOME STRETCH – Boats in the home stretch at Saturday’s Head of the Welland Five Bridges Fall Classic. The finish line was on the North Course of the Welland International Flatwater Centre,  the control tower, visible at right. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)

WELLAND  – South Niagara Rowing Club results from Saturday’s Head of the Welland Five Bridges Fall Classic:
Mens Junior Single
3rd – David Law
14th – Brice Maidens
15th – Jake Janzen
Womens Junior Single
5th – Rowan O’Neill
12th – Nia Maidens
14th – Sarah Couroux
Mens Junior Double
7th – Andrew Suthons, Jacob Gula
15th – Lukas White, Ethan Speck
Mens Masters Double
12th – Shane McReynolds, James Madronich
Junior Womens Coxed Quad
4th – Riley O’Neill, Rowan O’Neill, Nia Maidens, Sarah Couroux, Krista Zucco
5th – Caitlyn Goodbrand, Tess Capra, Rebekha Law, Carley Couroux, Ryleigh Sliter
Mens Junior Quad
3rd – David Law, Andrew Suthons, Jacob Gula, Brice Maidens
Womens Masters Double
16th – Catherine Timms, Sue Battersby-Campbell
19th – Shari Michaud, Deb Gula
Womens Junior Double
10th – Lily Charlebois, Alyssa Dekker
13th – Tess Capra, Ryleigh Sliter
18th – Natalie Della Valle, Carley Couroux
Mixed Open Double
4th – Rowan O’Neill, Jacob Gula
Mens Junior Coxed Quad
8th – Riley O’Neill, Jacob Janzen, Lukas White, Adrine Szopinski, Ethan Speck
3 Bridge Mixed Open Recreational Eight
1st – Chelsea Smith, Tanya Rodgers, Cheryl Curtis, Lisa Bos, John Walker, Travis McGee, Charlie Nickerson, Collette Gerryts
3 Bridge Mixed Open Recreational Quad
2nd – Christfine Boyko, Kathleen Lamoureux, Rob Fowler, Thomas Dillon
3 Bridge Under 15 Mens Coxed Quad
2nd – Joshua Bernard, Gavin Harris, Patrick Mayr, Lucas Maroney
3 Bridge Under 15 Womens Coxed Quad
3rd – Sierra Humphries, Eve Belfry, Bianca Lariccia, Hannah Holmes
Congrats to all who raced on Saturday!

Source: SNRC Facebook page post.

Next year’s Five Bridges Fall Classic is scheduled on Saturday, September 28, 2019.

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