Getting Them Ready For A Long Winter Nap

Craig Danys, left, and Frank Redden of the City of Welland parks division were in Chippawa Park’s Joseph L. Mocsan Memorial Rose Garden Wednesday putting the last of the roses to bed for the winter. After canes have been cut back, these hills are built up around the base of the bush to help protect the vulnerable crown or bud union from severe winter freezing. Amazingly, the soil used for this is not imported, but scooped up from within the bed with hoes. This work is done in late October to early November, but before the ground is frozen. Rose growers unsure of these procedures are best advised to follow the example of the city’s gardeners. If you’re lucky enough to be in the parks when it is being done, they don’t mind sharing their tips and words of gardening wisdom. More to follow. (Photo by Joe Barkovich)

1 thought on “Getting Them Ready For A Long Winter Nap

  1. Lynda Lemon

    These fellows do an amazing job all year long looking after Chipawa Park. We love the park and appreciate their hard work!

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