Forks Road Bridge Rehab ‘Impractical’ And ‘Cost-Prohibitive’ Option

WELLAND – On November 26, staff from the City of Welland met with City Councillors from Ward 6, officials from Niagara Regional Police Services, Niagara Regional Emergency Medical Services, Welland Fire and Emergency Services along with four (4) members of the Dain City Bridge Committee.

Key Points:
Engineers continue to analyze the rate and extent of the corrosion in order to estimate a timeline for the bridge’s ongoing ability to support pedestrians and ultimately its own weight;
Due to the extent of corrosion, rehabilitation of the structure has been deemed to be an impractical and significantly cost-prohibitive alternative when compared to replacement;
Bridge replacement alternatives and cost-estimates have been developed;
Maintenance plans have been developed, and approval is expected shortly from the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority to utilize canal service roads as an emergency detour route (EDR) in the event of a catastrophe;
Locked gates will be installed shortly at the eastern end of Forks Road to permit access by emergency personnel only;
Emergency response times remain within the guidelines;
City crews will ensure EDR is maintained and plowed to municipal standard to ensure a timely response by Fire, Police, and EMS;
In the event of an emergency, and if there is a train on the tracks, dispatch have been instructed to contact Trillium Railway’s operations manager to clear the track;

Next Steps
Invitations have been mailed to all businesses and homeowners in Dain City notifying them of a Public Information Forum being held on Tuesday, December 11, from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. at Civic Square, 60 East Main Street, in the Community Room;
City staff will make a presentation to Welland City Council at the December 11, 2018, General Committee Meeting, starting at 7:00 p.m.;
Welland City Council will consider options to address the Forks Road Bridge issue during the 2019 Budget deliberations in January;
Another public open house will be held to inform the public of the details and timelines associated with the selected option;

Information will be added to the city’s public engagement platform, Your Channel, on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. Residents will be able to engage in the conversation and voice their concerns and thoughts on the future of the Forks Road Bridge.

For more information, contact the City’s Engineering Division at 905-735-1700 ext. 2204 or 2221.

(Source: City of Welland news release)

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