You’ve Talked The Talk, Now’s Your Chance To Walk The Walk

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

WELLAND – How about stepping up to a place at the table?
The City of Welland is calling for applications from members of the public, to various municipal boards and commissions.
There’s a whole slew of them; one or another may be just what you’re looking for as a concerned and active member of the local community.
But time is of the essence: applications must be received in the office of the city clerk on or before 430 p.m. Friday, January 11, 2019. That’s less than a month away. Applications are readily available, online or at the city clerk’s office. Complete details will be found below.
Here’s the list:
Accessibility Advisory Committee;
Active Transportation Advisory Committee;
Arts and Culture Advisory Committee;
Committee of Adjustment and Committee of Revision;
Heritage Welland;
Market Square Advisory Committee;
Property Standards Committee and Dog Control Appeal Committee;
Senior Citizens Advisory Committee;
Town and Gown Committee;
Transit Advisory Committee;
Waterway Advisory Committee;
Welland Arenas Advisory Committee;
Welland Community Wellness Complex (WCWC) Advisory Committee;
Welland Development Commission;
Welland Public Library Board.
Citizen appointments to the committees varies in number, e.g. Heritage Welland has 5; Town and Gown Committee has 4; and Welland Public Library Board has 8. Others have fewer or more.
Applications and information is available at the office of the City Clerk or on the City’s website at:
Your application should describe what assets you bring to the Board and/or Committee that you are seeking appointment to.
Unless otherwise indicated, you must be an eligible elector in the City of Welland in order to sit on such board and/or Committee.
Unless otherwise indicated, Boards and/or Committees are the term of Council (December 1, 2018 to November 14, 2022.)

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