Mayor’s Report: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Opening ceremonies in Merritt Park for the 2018 Canoe Polo World Championships, held at the Welland International Flatwater Centre. (File photo/Joe Barkovich)

By Mayor Frank Campion

January is the month that inspires us to look forward to new endeavours, embrace family, and commit to attainable goals. The new City of Welland council is now in the process of planning a municipal budget that will assist Welland residents and business owners in creating their 2019 plan of action. We look forward to creating a smart and resourceful city budget that will support new infrastructure and capitalize on strategic economic development initiatives while continuing to maintain core programs and services.
The city’s economic development team had another stellar year as they encouraged private investment and secured relationships with both public and private stakeholders. Donair Food Processing Plant decided to set up business last year on Enterprise Drive Industrial Park and build a 22,000 square-foot facility. We also welcomed Niagara Holdings to the city last June when the company broke ground to construct a 19,500 square-foot facility. This was made possible due to communication, commitment, an aggressive team, and Community Improvement Grants.
The city was alive and festive with celebrations and events that entertained us throughout the year. The Welland International Flatwater Centre hosted the 2018 Canoe Polo World Championships, bringing athletes and officials to one of the best flat-water courses on the globe. Merritt Park lit up the waterway with a variety of musical genres all summer long when Concerts on the Canal entertained us with topnotch artists.
Last year was a successful year for connecting community, and was also a progressive year for connecting community to their municipality. To better hear public opinion and feedback on municipal topics, the city launched a new and exciting public engagement platform. YourChannel is a user-friendly network of information sharing that also offers a platform for participants to voice their opinions and be heard. YourChannel has opened up transparent conversations and provides Council with valuable information to better form decisions. YourChannel can be reached through the city’s website at, or by visiting
On behalf of Welland City Council and staff, have a safe and happy New Year. We look forward to 2019, and invite you to join us this year by taking advantage of the city’s programs, services, and exciting events.

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