City’s 2018 Record Building Activity Is Forecast To Continue In 2019

WELLAND  – The City of Welland experienced a record year in 2018 for building activity and residential growth, based on data provided by the city’s Building and Planning Division. The data shows a steady increase in the number of building permits issued over the past ten years:

Year/ Number of Permits Issued/ Value of Permits

2009  499  $80,844,470
2010  457  $95,646,000
2011  439  $53,899,310
2012  514  $83,389,950
2013  654  $61,735,350
2014  636  $80,134,750
2015  641  $70,323,900
2016  622  $81,772,200
2017 726  $164,548,600
2018 802  $128,421,798

The city is also witnessing a positive trend in new residential growth with the number of dwelling units constructed doubling from 197 in 2017 to 400 in 2018.

Year/ Dwelling Units Constructed

2009 116
2010 157
2011 110
2012 185
2013 134
2014 183
2015 173
2016 132
2017 197
2018 400

“Our community is growing in exciting ways as we continue to attract residents to support new developments across our city and we’re welcoming new industrial investments that are creating jobs and economic activity, bringing more new residents to Welland,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “This activity is a sign of confidence from builders, developers and investors, and it illustrates how attractive Welland’s quality of life is, and how much we have to offer.”

“Through the hard work of our Development Team and city staff, and the support of City Council, Welland has gained the reputation for being a great place to do business and invest,” said Gary Long, Chief Administrative Officer. “We will continue to focus on maintaining strong working relationships with our private sector partners while ensuring that our business processes and service levels give Welland a competitive advantage.”

“As we anticipated, 2018 surpassed the building activity and residential growth Welland experienced in 2017. Welland is a wonderful place to live and work, with an abundance of opportunities and amenities for a great quality of life,” said Dan Degazio, Director of Economic Development. “Welland is attracting a tremendous amount of growth from the GTA and I think the future is extremely bright for Welland, with a housing and job market that we are confident is going to continue to grow.”

Welland’s population is 52,293 based on 2016 Census data. The city’s population forecast—verified by independent planning consultants—is projected to grow 18,070 by 2041. City staff are projecting an equal or greater amount of new dwelling units in 2019 if market conditions remain consistent.

(Source: City of Welland news release)

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