Outdoor Rinks Aplenty In The Rose City

River Road Park rink on a bright but cold winter day. (File photos Joe Barkovich)

WELLAND – It’s nearly time to dig out the skates and take the family skating. The City of Welland has outdoor ice rinks for you to enjoy. Some rinks are maintained (weather permitting) by city staff and others are maintained by volunteers. Some are still looking for volunteers to step forward, get involved, and maintain for the neighbourhood to enjoy.

The following ice rinks are maintained by volunteers:

* Rinks without volunteers may not be maintained and most likely will not be suitable for skating. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for one of the below rinks, please contact: pw@welland.ca or call (905) 735-1700 ext. 3000

Broadway Park Broadway Ave
(*No Volunteers)

Cooks Mills Park 630 Lyons Creek Rd
(*No Volunteers)

Elmwood Park Elmwood Ave

Glenwood Park Dain City, between Glenwood Pkwy & Parkside St
(*No Volunteers)

John Deere Park Dain City, between Huron St. & Erie St.

Gram Ave Park Gram Avenue, corner of Forest R. & Gram Ave

Manchester Park Off of East Main St., between Lyons Ave & Golden Blvd. W
(*No Volunteers)

River Rd. Park,  Stop 19 Park Rose Ave.,  Summerlea Park

Memorial Park Rink closed for the 2018/19 season due to construction, will re-open for the 2019/20 season

The following ice rinks are maintained by city staff:

Chippawa Park Pond First Avenue, (Corner of Fitch St.)

Woodlawn Bush Woodlawn Road, (between South Pelham and Rice  roads)

St. George Pond 391 St George St.

Civic Square Skating Rink East Main St  (at Civic Square)

(Source: City of Welland Bulletin)

Pick-up hockey at night on Chippawa Park rink.

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