Welland Green Thumbs Itch For This Popular Giveaway

Tulip bulbs, from showcase beds like this one at Niagara and Riverbank, are distributed to gardeners.  (File photo)

WELLAND – The date is set for a popular rite of spring for Welland gardeners. The annual free distribution of used tulip bulbs by the city is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28, announced Peter Boyce, manager of parks, planning and maintenance.

Gardeners wait for the annual free distrubtion of used tulip bulbs. (File photo)

The tulip bulb giveaway, at Chippawa Park’s maintenance building, Fitch Street and First Avenue, each year brings out a few hundred green thumbs itching to get back into the soil. It isn’t unusual for 300 or more gardeners to show up.
The distribution is by city horticultural staff in the parks department. It is from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
“Absolutely no bulbs will be released before 8 a.m.,” Boyce wrote in e-mail correspondence.
Varieties, colours, and quantities are limited and will be distributed on a first-come basis with a limit of two dozen bulbs per resident.
The bulbs are from Welland’s always outstanding floral showcase beds found in several locations in the city. Due to the very cool damp and raining spring, the bulbs are just now blooming beautifully. The cool weather is keeping them in perfect condition presently, according to Boyce.
Last year’s distribution date was Wednesday, May 23.
Gardeners are reminded to bring their own containers to take bulbs home with them.
Even though bulbs are not distributed before the start time, some gardeners arrive an hour or so early just to be among the first in line.

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