HERITAGE LIVES: Gingerbread House, How Sweet It Was!

By Terry Hughes

WELLAND – Thanks to the efforts of Thies Bogner, Master Photographer, and Brian Girard, we are treated to two images taken from several glass negatives showing 204 East Main St. in its glory days as an architectural wonder. It was known locally as The Gingerbread House. It boasts an abundance of “Gingerbread” features on the porch and gables

The photographs were taken looking at the overall building and secondly, the closeup of the porch showing the owners enjoying a pleasant day on the front lawn.

The owner, Alfred Lawrence, was a successful businessman in the furniture and funerary business and had the home built near the turn of the 20th century on this tree-lined roadway.

An excellent description of these two photos is detailed in the book titled HISTORICAL AND ARCHITECTURAL REFLECTIONS OF THE FOUNDING PEOPLES OF WELLAND published by LACAC in 1992. But the feast to the eye lies in the magnificent detailing evident on every part of the building

Believe it or not, this building still stands in the same location but without the items that made it such a pleasure to behold. It sits next to Ken Nash Paint Store without that beautiful tree canopy that once lined Main Street and all that gingerbread.

(Supplied photos)

(Terry Hughes is a Wellander who is passionate about heritage, history and model railroading. His opinion column, Heritage Lives, appears on the blog once or twice monthly.)

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