A Who’s Who Of Cudney Award Recipients

Here is the list of recipients over the years of the esteemed Cudney award. Could your nominee’s name be added for 2019? You won’t know unless you submit one for consideration by the award committee. Deadline to submit is January 24, 2020:
1962: Ed Learn, professional football;
1963: Tom Brooke, Jr. B. hockey, golf;
1964: John Belcastro, high school basketball;
1965: Jack Ballantyne, minor hockey;
1966: Jane Haist, track and field;
1967: Diane Morden, youth bowling;
1968: Tony Koch, minor soccer;
1969: Joe Chiki, bowling;
1970: Reg Redshaw, fastball, minor hockey;
1971: Ken Rhora, fastball;
1972: Aurel Gervais, Club Champlain;
1973: Sandy Billyard, junior golf;
1974: Bill Brown, amateur marksmanship;
1975: Marion Kelly, swimming;
1976: Don “Red” Warren, minor hockey;
1977: Dan Radobenko, senior baseball;
1978: Cathy Sherk, amateur golf;
1979: Frank Degazio, boxing;
1980: Brian Gyetko, tennis;
1981: Barry Tuttle, Rick Hales, slo-pitch;
1982: Ed Pringle, minor baseball; Nestor “Doc” Brauweiler, trainer;
1983: Wayne Groulx, junior hockey, baseball;
1984: Steve Bauer, amateur cycling;
1985: Ivar Noren, Niagara South Rowing Club;
1986: Chad Wismer, soap box racing;
1987: Mike Mitruk, baseball;
1988: Ray Napper, boxing;
1989: Gord Sykes, swimming;
1990: Brian Gyetko, tennis;
1991: John Benko, golf;
1992: Diane Eller, triathlete;
1993: Tom Glesby, boxing;
1994: Jack Lauzon, horse racing;
1995: Pauline Maurice, fastball;
1996: Jack Randall, basketball;
1997: Sharryn Oleskiw, duathlete;
1998: Paul Beeston, professional baseball;
1999: Kelly Nagy, university soccer;
2000: Wayne Jaroslawski, Larry Jaroslawski, minor baseball;
2001: Wayne Redshaw, sports journalism;
2002: Lynda Lemon, duathlete;
2003: Dan Paille, junior hockey;
2004: Karen Dzugan, cheerleading coach/judge;
2005: Rob Noyes, marathon runner;
2006: Jim Briggs, amateur golf;
2007: the late Ralph Nero, basketball; Matthew Maracle, Special Olympics softball;
2008: Michael Hominuck Jr., professional and amateur lacrosse;
2009: Stacey Allaster, CEO women’s tennis association;
2010: Ron Lemon, basketball;
2011: Sabrina D’Angelo, women’s university soccer;
2012: Wally Mole, Welland Sports Wall of Fame;
2013: Jeanne Glavac, amateur women’s golf;
2014: Tribune Tournament Committee;
2015, 2016, 2017: Not awarded;
2018: Michele O’Keefe, basketball;

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