Boomtown Welland Sets Record For New Housing Units In 2019

WELLAND – The City of Welland experienced another year of robust development activity in 2019, including a record number of new housing units, according to the city’s Building and Planning Division records. The data also shows a steady rise in building permits and construction value growth since 2016.

The City of Welland’s 2019 residential development is aligned with the city’s growth plan—including residential intensification—which promotes public transit, walking, and bicycling as a mode of transportation. “This growth in new housing units is bringing new residents to our community, supporting our local economy, and creating jobs in the skilled trades and construction industry,” said Welland Mayor Frank Campion. “City Council will continue to make investments in infrastructure and amenities for current residents, and to help attract new residents and maintain a quality of place and a quality of life second to none.”

“Welland/Niagara will see significant residential growth over the next twenty years, based on independent population forecasts. City staff, and our Development Team, are committed to working closely with builders and developers, and ensuring that our business processes align with their goals and support their timelines,” said Welland CAO Gary Long. “The key to our success will be working together to support the strategic management of this growth.”

“The City of Welland has experienced incredible growth in private sector investment over the last few years, and the city is seeing the results in the record number of new housing units,” said Dan Degazio, General Manager, Economic Development, Recreation and Culture. “Welland is an ideal place to live as the lifestyle is incredible, and the cost of our housing compared to the GTA is a fraction of the cost.”

Welland’s population is 52,293 based on the 2016 Canadian Census data. The city’s population forecast—verified by independent planning consultants—is projected to grow 18,630 by 2041. City staff estimate the city’s 2020 Building Permit Activity and Residential Growth will be similar to 2019, provided economic conditions remain comparable.


2014           636                              $80,134,750.00                                    183
2015           641                              $70,323,900.00                                    173
2016           622                              $81,772,200.00                                    132
2017           727                             $162,076,600.00                                   198
2018           802                             $129,056,798.00                                   401
2019           790                             $130,340,523.85                                   472

(Source: City of Welland news release)

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